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    About the Inner City Ministry of Cru

    In the inner city, if you can't touch it, you can't use it. If it doesn't help you survive, then it isn't real. Don't talk about "hope" unless you can demonstrate it. Enter the Inner City Ministry of Cru, formerly known as Here's Life Inner City.

    We partner with inner-city churches that are committed to ministering to the whole person — body, mind, and spirit. At the heart of these partnerships is a proven 3-phase strategy (Connecting, Empowering and Developing) called the "Circle of Hope."


    We provide relief products to help partner ministries connect with those in need. The outreaches which connect us to the poor include giving clothing and blankets to the homeless, getting new shoes so needy children can go back to school, providing holiday meals for individual families, and much more. Click here for details.


    We offer training, manpower, and other resources to help churches minister to men, women, and children in need. Click here for details.


    Our developmental programs help equip inner-city churches to bring deep and lasting transformation to their neighborhoods. Click here for details.

    Our Strategy in 3 Minutes: The Circle of Hope

    When we create, we actualize ideas.

    When we Create Options, we work innovatively to turn ideas into practical resources for families and individuals in need. Many of the devastating effects of poverty stem from a lack of options. By working together with friends and partners in ministry, we find fresh ways to apply the hope of the gospel to the many issues poverty leaves in its wake. The resources we offer are intimately tied to finding new life in Jesus Christ and bring compassion and valuable life training ... to the ultimate fulfillment of the Great Commission.