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    Adult Development Overview

    Our Adult Development programs help equip inner-city churches to bring deep and lasting transformation to their neighborhoods. We use curriculum and outreach mechanisms that help satisfy both spiritual and physical needs, while providing hope and resources to adults. Below, please find a complete listing of our Adult Development programs:


    BeyondBars equips your church to effectively minister to ex-offenders, inmates and their families, focusing on evangelism, discipleship and "life needs." Click here for more.

    CareerLink Workshops

    Your church can customize a course that addresses practical, social, emotional and spiritual roadblocks to meaningful employment. Click here for more.

    Compassion by Command®

    The inner city ministry of Cru has designed this innovative study using both Scripture and a variety of resources on DVD. The student and teacher study guides will help your church explore issues of poverty and discover biblical directives related to the poor. Click here for more.

    Holistic Hardware

    On DVD, this all-inclusive, biblically-based life skills course will enable your church to inspire people in crisis toward Christ and productive living. Get the complete DVD set for $49.95 plus shipping and state tax. Click here for more.

    New Focus

    Coaches your church to help move people out of poverty through financial skill training and a wholistic, biblically-based approach to life change. For more detailed information click here.


    You can motivate and equip even the most challenged job seekers through WorkNet's career-development curriculum for those with employment barriers. Click here for more.