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    Give to Homeless Care KitsHomeless Care Kits

    Through Homeless Care Kits, you are tangibly demonstrating the love of Christ to people in need by sharing the gospel and providing items to help them survive the difficult winter months.

      Gift Amount
    $38.50 to provide
    1 Homeless Care Kit
    $77.00 to provide
    2 Homeless Care Kits
    $115.50 to provide
    3 Homeless Care Kits

    $192.50 to reach
    5 Homeless Care Kits
    $385.00 to reach
    10 Homeless Care Kits
      Gift Frequency
    Single Gift    Monthly    Quarterly    Semi-Annual    Annual   


    Cru is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization; therefore your contribution is income tax deductible.